Make A Difference – Speak Out Against Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse

In addition to health and fitness, I am a voice against victims of domestic violence and abuse. Laws need to change in South Carolina! We must stand together and speak loudly and clearly in order to make change a reality! I consider myself to be a SURVIVOR and a thrive-ist and am currently working with local non-profit groups, service providers and other survivors with the goal of uplifting and supporting others who’ve been affected by domestic violence. Without the support and financial donations, life-saving services, housing and various other forms of assistance would not be possible.

Anyone who wishes to purchase sessions to DONATE to survivors of domestic violence and domestic abuse can do so. These valuable exercise sessions can offer victims a way to release pent up negative energy, increase self-esteem, learn new coping skills and release endorphins! Existing clients who’ve taken advantage of the B4GO (buy 4 sessions, get one free), can choose to donate that 4th session to a survivor. Please contact me for more info.

Along with three incredibly brave and compassionate individuals, I am co-founder of the group called A.V.A.D.A. which stands for All Voices Against Domestic Abuse. AVADA welcomes all, without prejudice and inclusive of all races, genders, age, sexual orientation, economic or social background, educational status or religion etc., because domestic violence and abuse know no bounds. AVADA’s mission is to bring survivors together, and with the support of all persons whose goal is to SPEAK OUT against domestic violence and create a forum, where we can stand together, support, uplift, share information, share upcoming events and fundraising information, empower and educate.

AVADA welcomes survivors of domestic violence and abuse, community members, family members, service providers, first responders and all persons affected by domestic violence or domestic abuse.

More ways you can make a difference:


Project Unity USA

Project Unity USA Is A Diversified Non-Profit Organization That Works With The Community And Community Leaders To Bring Cultures Together From All Walks Of Life In A Unified Effort To Repair Relationships In Our Communities And Within Law Enforcement.