Why You Should Read My Blogs

Thanks for dropping by, taking a gander, and sharing what you’ve read.

I’ll be offering you some objective or fact-based information on a variety of health and wellness topics. I’ll be sharing my personal and professional experiences and insights, complete with the occasional and well-placed expletive (don’t say I didn’t warn you!), all in the name of disclosure and authenticity! Our world is full of multi-faceted, dynamic and colorful people. If you’re here, and taking the time to read my blogs, I am grateful and I truly believe that the Universe intended it. 😉

It would be superfly-awesomeballs to know that you’ve developed a personal passion and interest in health, fitness and wellness. Or at the very least, if you start to become curious. Fitness, exercise, sweating and wearing spandex is not for everyone. I get that. Most fitness junkies are the first to admit that we are freaks. Our idea of a good time is going out and reaching PB’s or PR’s (personal best/personal records or peanut butter/prothombin ration… whatever that even is).

I encourage you to inquire, question and doubt! I welcome your questions, suggestions and yes, absolutely your critiques.  Let me know your thoughts or what you’d like to learn more about so that I can give you my two cents worth.

Then follow through with your own investigation into this often overwhelming world of wellness and weights, reps and rotations, insertions and origins, fat-free and fat-tastic, Asics vs Nike and so forth. Just remember to listen to your gut instinct, listen to your body and bring your sense of humor along for the journey.

My goal is to write about practical ideas, food for thought (pun intended), tasty recipes and challenging exercises that you can add to your lifestyle or share with someone else.

In health and positive vibes,

Nat 🙂