Why Lift Weights?

I’ve heard it many times from females: “I don’t want to get all bulky and look like a man.”

It’s an interesting concept. First, you’d have to increase your testosterone levels, then you’d prolly need to abstain from pretty things like makeup, perfume and gel nail extensions. You prolly walk more on the feminine side and most of us have curves, bumps or lumps somewhere on our frame that will never, ever look like Arnold, Dexter or Zeus.

strong woman

So, without further adieu, here is why women really need to get over that hump (pardon the pun), challenge themselves and set themselves up for physical improvement on many levels:

  1. You’ll lose more than 40% body fat because weight training has that effect, post-workout. It has been researched and proven by endless universities, organizations and experts.
  2. You WILL burn more calories. Bigger muscles means more cals being burned as you sit on your buttocks at work, at home and while you snore.
  3. Your cute little tops, shorts and everything in between will fit better. Choosing not to lift weights means you will not have toned arms, shoulders, legs and glutes.
  4. Your body will feel younger, stronger, better. You will train, depending on your program, both fast and slow twitch muscles.
  5. Your skeletal system (aka: bones) will be stronger. The slow loss of bone mass as we age can increase the chances of suffering a serious fracture later on in life. Doing about 16 weeks of resistance training will help increase bone density and elevate blod levls of osteocalcin- that’s the stuff that marks bone growth.
  6. You’re flexibility will improve. For some, that may not be a big deal. For others, it means the difference between having to ask someone to tie their shoe for them, or bending down to pick up a grand-child or being able to get jiggy with it with their partner.
  7. Your heart will love you. Your risk of stroke and heart attack will decrease significantly.
  8. Your diet will improve, keeping diabetes at bay. Weight training helps you keep on track when making nutrition choices. You simply FEEL like eating to fuel the machine, at regular intervals. Diabetes can be alleviated or prevented.
  9. Your sleep patters and stress handling capacity will improve. Getting sweaty from lifting weights is a huge stress eraser, not to mention you’ll sleep soundly. Sleep is when your body repairs and restores itself. Zzzzzzz
  10. You’ll be strong and better equipped with muscles that can handle the load of daily activities. Mix up a mean batch of protein cookies, help a friend move a Smart Car, throw a ball 1.2kms away for your dog, pull those kids on that sled or wagon till they beg you to stop.

Feel free to share your opinion and selfies of your hard work and gorgeous muscles!

Thanks for reading!

Nat 😉


2 thoughts on “Why Lift Weights?

    1. Thank you kindly! One of my greatest achievements is sharing information and educating others (without sounding like a know-it-all!). I equally value being educated. This myth about bulking up when “lifting” has been a pet peeve of mine. I remember thinking along the same lines when I first started dabbling in weights and machines. Now, I’m a big fan of body weight and FUNctional resistance protocols!


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