Bananas Are NOT Rotten For You!

We all love them. They attract gnats (and Nats, har har), they smell wonderful and make protein drink or smoothie taste good. Great for baking delicious breads, Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Oat Protein Squares, you can never have enough rotten bananas around. Unless you’re a gorilla.

For those of you who use these potassium infused, squashy cylinders of love in the aforementioned ways, you may already know some of these cool tricks I’ve learned and am sharing below. Keep in mind that some of us are new to healthful and mindful ways of eating and appreciate helpful hints and ideas to make nutrition and feeding the machine easier and convenient. So thank you for the questions and suggestions!


  • Purchase super-rotten, bruised bananas. They are often discounted.
  • After peeling, either break into pieces that will work for your culinary projects or leave whole.
  • Place on cookie sheet. (This part’s important!)
  • Once frozen, throw them into a large, sturdy zipper back or seal-able container.

Placing on a flat sheet to freeze keeps these sweet things from freezing into a giant block. Ever considered taking out the Stanley Hydraulic to break apart fruit that has frozen into an antarctic iceberg? Ya, not fun. I love using this idea for specially juicy fruit like mangoes, kiwi and oranges.

Now, let’s go ahead and address the ol’ saying or way of thinking that “bananas are bad”. Unless I personally witness a yellow-peeled piece of fruit in the act of robbing a bank or dressed in S&M-gear (ok, maybe that’s going a bit far), then remember: BANANAS ARE NOT BAD.

Bananas come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and species. Here is Wiki’s definition of said botanical berry: Wiki Banana

Stop labeling and food shaming! Ma Nature made bananas. She didn’t make them cut in half. Now you can purchase some tiny bananas that are super-sweet and fun to eat. Recently, I bought some ginormous ones from a local store and was floored at their girth. I’m talking Arnold Schwarzenegger-sized. I reckon that one banana could make a dozen muffins!bananas

Eating the fruit of this herbacious plant will not make you fat. Inactivity, overeating or frequent over-indulgence will cause your body to store calories in the form of adipose tissue (fat). Timing when and where to eat a banana is as strange a making sure you’re wearing the right socks or holding a certain yoga position while consuming it. EAT MINDFULLY. Eat the damn banana when your body, mind or spirit asks you to. If you’re looking for a great source of post workout carbs, then I can understand why your choice is a banana. But if all you have on hand is not the yellow fruit, eat something else. Really, it’s okay.


My point is, enjoy this wonderful fruit. Share and enjoy it with a friend, kinda like this blog!


Nathalie 😉


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