So when I started working at the gym where I work now, I needed to learn their way of doing things. Everything from filling out documents, clocking in, the processes for doing postural assessments, follow ups, where the keys are kept and even a dress code. Pretty overwhelming at first, for a girl who’d been running her own show back in Canada.

What was even more interesting to me was how incompetent I felt! I was unsure about so many things, including how to be a personal trainer! What the hell?! Really, Nat?…. Really?

Ever looked at how the eyes on a chameleon work? They look all over the place, at the same time? These specialized lizards do that so that they don’t get eaten by a predator, or so they can be the predator and catch the fly that buzzes by. I kind of felt like that for the first few weeks, employed once again as a personal trainer. I was so keen on trying to figure it all out at once: catching flies (no, clients aren’t flies!) but I wanted so badly to make sure that I caught on to all the tasks that were expected of me. I listened earnestly to everyone around me, from team-mates, to managers and most importantly, I listened to our club’s members and my clients. I did not want to miss a thing.

It got dizzying. I had to regroup. I needed to get back to basics and remind myself of two things: my motivation and my goal.

My WHY and my PURPOSE.

Once I started to slow down my thoughts and focus on the moment or task at hand, things became less overwhelming. It was easier to do, that which I do best: Help others.

Helping others reach their goals in the wellness world is what I am most passionate about. Especially when it comes to helping people find balance and simplify things for beginners. I love to help people who’ve spent far too much of their time, energy and money on empty promises, bullshit diets and damaging workout regimes, open up to new ways of looking at health and fitness.

As a fitness professional who’s livelihood depends on successfully helping others reach their wellness goals, it is uber important that I know how to find out the potential client’s deepest motivation, also known as their “why”. It can take a lot of practice to get someone to open up. More importantly, it takes a ton of practice to learn how to listen to them articulate what it is that truly motivates them to get up extra early, get a balanced meal in, get themselves to the gym and workout on their own or with their personal trainer. Throw into the mix things like a job, being a parent, having a long-term illness or injury and that why becomes absolutely crucial. Often when I first do a consultation with a potential client, their why starts off as one thing, and by then end of our meeting, we discover what is truly motivating them. We discover their ultimate goal and what value it has to them. I have yet to discover a why that is not emotionally charged.

So… you have a goal? Great! Having a goal is one thing, since it gives you way to measure progress. Ask yourself: What’s going to get you there?

Thing is, we cannot get there if we aren’t motivated.

It’s very true that some people are more motivated by external factors like a trunkful of cash, a once in a lifetime trip somewhere exotic, having great glutes or washboard abs, winning first place or having bragging rights on the ice (or field, depending on your sport).

Motivation can come from within. That’s when it can be most powerful, longest lasting and priceless.

Ever seen the father/son team who do triathlons together? The dad is the steam engine: the legs, arms and lungs. The son is the motivation. Here is a video of the races accomplished by father Rick and son Dick Hoyt: Motivation and Purpose- Rick and Dick Hoyt

As my girlfriend put it tonight, “Motivation is your get up and go.” And if your get up and go is limited by someone else or something else (money, status, opinion etc) then what? When your motivation is intrinsic or internally sourced, well, holy shit. There is a whole lot to be said about being the captain to your own ship, the driver of the bus, the pilot of the ship… you get the idea.

If you are new to the health and fitness world, weight loss or lifestyle changes, things can sometimes become overwhelming. Sometimes there seems to be way too much to learn or remember. Just stop, back up the boat and look at what your Evil Plan is (my clients know I say this all the time!). You don’t have to do it all in one day or even one week. Reconnect with your purpose (goal) and refresh your why (your motivation). It’s okay if they’ve changed, developed or grown into something different! Share this with your support group or those peeps who are part of your circle of influence (personal trainer, teacher, family, employers etc). Remember what I said last week in my blog about embracing change! You can read about it by clicking HERE.

If your motivation is not something that is priceless within your own mind, heart, spirit, then I’m curious why you’d spend so much time, energy, sweat and so forth working to get up and get it?

Wherever you are right now, whatever your individual purpose or goal is, ask yourself: What is my why? Be curious about it. What exactly is your why? Is it something that is short term or long-term? Is it internally or externally driven? Is this motivation something that might change? Has it been around for a while?

I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and be blessed.



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